The Perfect Cure For Backsliding.

Bible Reference Jeremiah 3:11-15

Backsliding is such a terrible condition that any child of God who backslides must quickly seek for restoration. The danger with backsliding is that a backslider may perish with his or her enemies like Samson did/ or loose all that he or she has gained in God like Judas Iscariot.

However the goodnews is that God has provided a remedy for backsliding. In today’s Bible reading we see the loving God calling and inviting backsliding Israel back to Himself. This is a pointer to the fact that God wants to restore all backsliders.

Restoration for the backslider starts with an acknowledgement of sins and a contrite return to God. In other words, the cure to backsliding lies in genuine repentance. Repentance is a complete turn around from one’s sins with a determination never to return to them anymore.

In Acts 3:19 we see some of the great benefits of repentance. These include forgiveness, the blotting of our sins, and the experience of a time of refreshing from the presence of God. Beloved are you in a backslidden state? I encourage you to return to God through the Lord Jesus Christ today.

Read 1John 2:1-2 for a better understanding of your heritage in Christ. As you do these, the joy of salvation and the victory over sin will be restored to you.

Author: Peter Okiokpa

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