Influencing Cities For Christ

Bible Reference John 4:5-39

A genuine Encounter with Christ always brings about positive changes in the life of a person.

Not only does this encounter bring about change, it also transforms the changed individual to a change agent. In other words after changing you the Lord Jesus Christ can use you to change your city.

In our bible reference John 4: 5-39 , we see a woman who had been married and divorced five times, Christ changed her life and he used her to change her city.

You can’t claim to be born again without introducing any level of change into your town or village. No matter how tiny the light may be, it will shine in the midst of darkness and overcome it. If your encounter with Jesus is taken seriously, He can even use you to change your nation. Never underestimate the power of transformation that starts from just one fellow.

The extent to which God can use you will be determined by the degree of change you have allowed him to perform in you.

It will also depend on your mindset, love for God, level of alignment of God’s desire with yours. Level of sacrifices you are ready to make.

While some people are only leading a few souls to Christ some others are leading whole cities or nations to Him.

How impactful do you want to be?

Your heavenly rewards will be determined by you here on earth.

Author: Peter Okiokpa

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